Decibel is a Zimbabwean British musician based in Nottingham UK. His music career started in Zimbabwe where he was one of the pioneers of digital ‘urban grooves’ music at a time when the industry was dominated by live bands. Decibel’s early releases are popularly regarded as modern classics amongst Zimbabwean people and some of them have even been used for study in universities!
 Style wise he is influenced by RnB and Reggae with an African twist. That blend is demonstrated in his versatile vocals that effortlessly go from sweet and mellow to downright gritty and aggressive all the while creating and maintaining a strong emotional connection. You do not just listen to Decibel’s music, you feel it. Decibel’s music can be compared sonically to Afrobeats, Dancehall and UK Urban music which is not at all surprising because the mentioned genres draw influence from the same sources.